Clinical Psychology Services VFIS is a centre for teaching, training, research and therapy in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

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We are helping clients to find healthy thinking, feeling, and behaviour related to their level of insight, responsibility, and choice by drawing on the work of Viktor Frankl. We are exploring clinical issues and psychological dilemma with applying clinical assessment process, case formulation, therapeutic stages, and treatment plans for a clinical population with diagnoses of wide varieties of psychological and psychiatric challenges. De-Reflection techniques, Paradoxical Intention, and Socratic dialogue and other logotheraputic and existential analysis techniques were discussed in comparison with other contemporary evidence-based psychotherapy techniques such as CBT, ACT, DBT, REBT and so on.

We found logotherapy and existential analysis application quite powerful either as a first line psychotherapy technique or in conjunction with other psychotherapy approaches. We apply the Defiant Power of the Human Spirit as a main focus during therapeutic sessions in helping clients use their spiritual torch to come out from the dark jangle of terror, emptiness, and meaningless. Logotherapy and existential analysis aims to support symptom reduction and management through the process of change and empowerment.

We provide counseling and psychotherapy from a Logotherapeutic and Existential Analysis framework which draws from the pioneering work of Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. Those experiencing: psychological distortions, psycho-social dilemmas and psychiatric conditions. Those who are questioning or exploring the meaning of life, relationships, sexuality, work and experiencing meaninglessness, boredom, emptiness or despair, or simply feel that they have not reached their full potential or perceive they are leading an unfulfilled life. We wish to advise that we provide a range of diagnostic, assessment and intervention services including: Diagnosis and treatment of depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, eating disorder, panic attack, insomnia, somatoform, and pain and adjustment disorder associated with chronic primary care conditions and interventions to promote behavioral and lifestyle changes and self-management.

Assessment and treatment of workplace psychological injuries associated with pain/stress/trauma to facilitate symptom reduction, problem solving and return to work.

Practice clinical psychologist has extensive experience working with multi-disciplinary psychiatric teams, NSW workers compensation and forensic cases. Ranges of psychological, psychiatric and medical-legal assessment and management are available.

Bulk Bill is available and we have NSW work cover approval number to provide varieties of psychological services for clients.

When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves. ''
Dr.Viktor Frankle.

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